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don't use orange in the coroner's logo
don't magnify ants on their way home
don't mingle with the maniacs
and do not open before
don't imitate a dead man's autograph
don't start up a conversation with a mule
don't put your shoes on top of your car
just keep it simple
don't write a book you haven't read yet
don't shoot faster than anyone's shadow
don't cry for me nor argentina
and don't go further than the map
don't ask for any moral fine tuning
don't wash the cabbage if you're in love with the caterpillar
don't blow candles on hostile cakes
just keep it very, very simple
don't cross waters without a bridge
don't plant your seed on the dark side of the hill
don't pull the strings if you don't know the puppet
and don't collect for output
don't mention the wonder of we knowing you
don't recognize a dealer with a broken face
don't talk about mechelen
just keep it simple
all complexions to be cherished
all deadlines are ok
pick up phones when they ring at you
shake a hand while it's there
open the box with the right side up
use a panty if the p distorts
keep a foot between the door
make sure you keep it simple
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